Friday, January 23, 2009

State line ups. Stevenson vs. Niles North vs. IMSA

Stevenson vs. Niles North vs. IMSA
1. Cohen vs. Ilan vs. Aakaash
2. Dubin vs. Eric vs. Feng
3. Robby vs. Fedya vs. Ethan Leng
4. Kent Cen vs. Chinitz vs. Matt Castillan
5. Jimmy? vs. Gupta vs. Jack Shi
6. Kenny vs. Justin vs. Victor Duan
7. Cheryl vs. Chad vs. Evan Adcock
8. some dude vs. Evan vs. Kirthi Banothu or Ray Gu

I was bored during chess club, as usual. lol

Need to add Whitney Young people.

I just know this from past tournaments n talking on facebook/icc.


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