Wednesday, July 25, 2007

NNchess is back!

I apologize for not blogging in a while, but since the state tournament the team has sort of forgot about this blog. Just to summarize what happened since then here are some events Niles North participated in..

State 07(Peoria)- 3rd place
Nationals(Kansas City) -8th place team(!!)

Individual winners that placed..
-Unrated:Cabbage and wolf man clinched 1st and 2nd.
-Bughouse:1st place Ilan Meerovich with Daniel Mc Nally(Main South)

Wow... Was that a while ago!

Also the chess team participated at the prestigious Chicago Open tournament.

Igor Fortel made $2,000 in the u1500, While Ben Rothschild had a great tournament in the u2300 section.

Now that summer is upon us, the team is studying hard to improve next year at the state tournament. We hold summer chess nights at Niles North on Wednesday which last usually a good 3-4 hours. Although we graduate 4 seniors(Joseph Liu, Ninoshka Fernandes, Ruses Patel, and Mike Thariath) we get a strong freshman. Michael Chintz , Tony, and some other people. Thus we are still one of the top contenders for the state tournament.

To end this post, I want to post our current USCF ratings, to show the progress and the lack of progress in our players:

Board 1-- Ilan Meerovich 2048
Board 2-- Ben Rothschild 2034
Board 3-- Michael Chinitz 1475
Board 4-- Igor Fortel 1580
Board 5-- Oscar Miranda 1359
Board 6-- Cabbage 1158
Board 7-- Glen Ko 1235
board 8-- Wolf Man 1224

** This board order is not accurate and may change.

I will add another post around late August, and from thereon we will post much more as the season begins.

Have a great summer, Ilan Meerovich.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

So glad to see the blog is back up. "Rook" on!

3:31 PM  
Blogger I said...

Congratulations on you fine result at the Midwest Class

12:51 AM  

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