Saturday, October 28, 2006

Stevenson Tournament

We Just Finished Playing The Stevenson Tournament. We Played some Hard Teams. Not having our regular boards 3 and 4, We moved up our boards 5,7 and 8. Our board order was:
Our first team match was against Deerfield, where all of our Boards Swept with a Total of 40 points to 0.
Our second match was against Stevenson, which we would have lost were it not for Oscar's draw on board 5.
Our third match was against Evanston - a very breath taking match in which everyone would die of the suspence. Niles North Handled it carefully and won the tournament.
Evanston tied Stevenson for second place.
For the open we brought a few kids and they did fairly well. Thomas Dykes (Niles North) tied for first.
As one of our first tournaments we did well, winning the team tournament and having Tom tied for first in the open. I also want to thank Stevenson for hosting this wonderful tournament.
-Good Job Team-


Blogger Tom Panelas said...

I just read about this blog at 64 Squrae Jungle. It's a great idea -- good luck with it. I like the way you combine personal reflections with annotated games.

Tom Panelas
Ray School Chess Club

8:50 AM  

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