Saturday, October 25, 2008

Bumble .... H.S. Tournament...

(name is a inside joke from Ilan)

This was a exciting win for our team. We tip our hats to IMSA, as we almost saw the win as impossible before the last round. But chess is chess, and impossible is nothing (like when I got mated when I had 3 queens vs. 1 queen at Chicago open.) We pulled off a great comeback with a full 5.0/5.0 last round (I believe). I enjoyed playing my opponents and found my game against Aaakash Meduri (1902 USCF) a very good experience.

We took 12 people with us and 11 finished with a over .500 win rate...

First starting off with our 3 new freshman who came with us: Ninos, Gwon (S.P.), and Amir.
Each did extremely well especially Amir with a score of 3/5. This is the first time our team as met Amir (Mr. K saw him messing with the switch in the bathroom and then asked him if he played chess rofl.)

Sophmores and Juniors did extremely well. Many of them got 4/5s including Justin Braddy, Fedya Titov, Gupta, and Evan Speigal. Chad, Glen and Hunter all suffered a hard loss in one of their games and the expierence gained from it is priceless.

Top 2 players (Freshman + Seniors). Congrats to Eric and Ilan for tieing (along with others) for first place with perfect scores. Eric however won the tournament due to tie breaks.

Well congrats to IMSA, Neaqua Valley, and thanks to the wonderful T.D.s./Helpers. Also thanks for the wonderful host Bloom H.S.

-- Saagar Gupta


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