Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Evanston Tournament

I don't know where to start. Somehow we managed a 2nd place finish but it seemed much worse than that. It told us a lot. One can make a case that we didn't have some players in team section including Ilan (2122 USCF) and me (1441 USCF) but that is not right. Our wins were not convincing and our team loss to Stevenson was something that we need to address. We are probably one of the few teams that can contest Stevenson's line-up and probably the only one that can beat it. I thought IMSA had a really good match up with them but it didn't go IMSA's way either.

Looking ahead, we have a whole boat load of time to prepare, and maybe a few OCB outings later we can compete for 1st at state or nationals.

Wish us (Saagar, Chad, Evan and Hunter) luck as we play in ICA All-State tomorrow. So stay tuned!



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I'm waiting...

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