Sunday, November 23, 2008

Frosh Soph, Senior/Junior

When I thought about this tournament I was thinking about IMSA vs. Niles North. We were the stronger schools in this tournament. However this tournament was different. It is freshman and sophmores team (excluding seniors and juniors since they had their own tournament.) If we had to play a actual 5-board game, the lineup will consist of (+ resulted outcome)...

Rosen (2108) vs. Aakaash (2000?) 1/2-1/2
Gupta(1441?) vs. Feng (1800?) 0-1
Chinitz (1550) vs. Victor Duan 1-0
Chad Hirsch (1298) vs. Jack Shi (1300?) 0-1
Evan+ more vs. Kirthi? Idk.

Award winners:
Tied for 1st (2nd place on tiebreaks) Board 1 Rosen
Gupta 4th place board 2
Chinitz 1st place board 3
Chad 4th place board 4
Evan 3rd place board 5

I would like to say my game vs. Justin Feng was intense and provided good expierence for me. I was pretty much winning the whole game, and then since I thought so much to win, I lost in the final seconds when I couldn't calculate a way for forced mate.

Congrats to Ilan Meerovich for winning Senior section. Congrats to Fedya and Glen for placing 2nd and 4th(?) respectively in the Junior section.

Congrats to IMSA, and this is bad for our team as Mr. K says no more Bughouse till we get 1st. :)

Saagar Gupta


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